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ERP Software For To-Order Manufacturers

Manufacturing in the Age of Mass Customization

The rapid evolution of information technologies has brought on an age of mass global connectivity, and with it, a drastically new manufacturing landscape. There’s a new level of collaboration between manufacturers and their customers, advanced capabilities for collecting and analyzing data, and an increase of affordable and available complex business solutions.

Many manufacturers already have a mix of applications, from ERP to CRM, for making products with a certain level of customization. But what about those who don't? If you are looking to adopt a mass customization model, where do you start evaluating the technologies that will help you move to this model?

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), the leaders in software selection, created this buyer's guide to address these and other questions and help manufacturers like you understand the topic of to-order manufacturing.

Dive into this report and discover:

  • How ERP solutions can help you easily transition to producing customized offerings
  • Differentiators of ERP solutions for customized manufacturing and how they can address your business challenges and needs
  • How ERP solutions can help manufacturers who are already mass-producing customized offerings improve their processes, increase efficiency, and grow
  • Case studies highlighting how companies have already benefitted from ERP solutions

This guide can save a lot of time and effort as you evaluate cloud ERP. Download it now!

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