Has Your Business Become Too Big for QuickBooks?

"Before Kenandy, we were using a variety of tools—spreadsheets, databases, pencil and paper—and we still couldn’t come close to having the kind of information that’s now instantly and accurately available."

QuickBooks serves the needs of most manufacturers when they are starting out. However, as a company grows, so do the pain points of relying on a tool designed for small businesses.

Download this white paper and learn the signs that you have outgrown QuickBooks and how a cloud-based ERP solution:

  • Automates processes and eliminates manual workarounds
  • Handles the complexity that accompanies growth
  • Gives employees a “single source of truth” allowing for greater collaboration
  • Enables real-time visibility into inventory to boost output and speed products to market
  • Eliminates large upfront investment

To learn more about why cloud ERP should be your next step, download this white paper now.

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