First came the robots, now comes IoT and AI. What's next for manufacturing?

Every advance in Manufacturing is about being "faster, better, and cheaper." This was true of the invention of the steam engine, the widespread use of machines, and the introduction of robots, each of which defined new frontiers in manufacturing efficiency. Today, the new efficient frontier is being created by digital data and advanced analytical techniques, including artificial intelligence (AI).

In this webinar, you’ll hear from a mid-size manufacturer that is putting these technologies to work to create growth for itself and value for its customers.

Join us in this informational webinar in which we also cover:

  • The role IoT, AI, and predictive analytics will play in the end-to-end manufacturing process, and how they may impact today's human-driven processes.
  • How you might leverage IoT, predictive analytics, and AI to foster growth and improve customer relationships.
  • A.I. advances that have been developed for manufacturing using the Salesforce Einstein platform.


Featured Speakers

Patrick Farrell

Owner and President, Service Pump & Supply

Rodney Butters

Chief Technology Officer, Kenandy