Bridging the Gap Between CRM & ERP

In this webinar Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist at Salesforce and Chuck Berger, CEO at Kenandy, discuss how Salesforce and Kenandy are helping companies break free from restrictive technologies and embrace the agility and freedom of the cloud.

During the webinar, you will:

  • Recognize the pain points from being constricted by legacy technologies and gain insights into unlocking your ERP system
  • Identify the advantages of bridging your front office CRM and back office ERP on the same cloud platform
  • Learn how Salesforce and Kenandy give companies visibility into real-time data in a way that was never possible with previous systems
  • Discover how Salesforce and Kenandy allows you to run your system your way to save time and money

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Featured Speakers

Bruce Richardson


Chief Enterprise Strategist - Salesforce

Chuck Berger

CEO - Kenandy