Cloud ERP: It's About Transforming Your Business

For growing organizations that want to use a multi-tiered ERP strategy, cloud ERP is now a compelling option. Two key reasons to consider the cloud as a vital solution: lower capital expenditures and a significant decrease on IT cost. However, selecting an ERP is about more than just cost savings. Cloud solutions have many other unique benefits that make them particularly attractive. It’s no surprise cloud adopters saw 1.9x improvement in profitability over the past two years as compared to those who have on-premise solutions

In this illuminating report, featuring Aberdeen data as well as four extensive success stories, you’ll discover some of the less-publicized benefits of a cloud ERP solution.

In addition, explore some of the most important reasons for considering a cloud ERP solution, including:

  • No large capital expenditures and a reduced impact on IT
  • Flexibility to acquire new business units
  • Enhanced visibility, collaboration, and efficiency

To learn more on how mid-market organizations can use the cloud to address specific business issues and realize tangible benefits, download this informative report.

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