Forrester: Cloud ERP Strategic Enabler of the Connected Economy

Cloud is evolving from an internal-facing point solution to an enabler of connected cloud economies. In this next phase of the cloud, CIOs will play a role in orchestrating cloud ecosystems — which connect employees, customers, partners, and devices — to serve rising customer expectations. Companies, in every industry, will shift from being simply cloud adopters to becoming cloud companies themselves. So how does the cloud help you provide the best service possible to your customers, react quickly to new opportunities, and stay ahead of your competition?

In this Forrester research report, find out how the new cloud economy disrupts business models, and how you can take advantage of it to transform and grow your business. With the cloud, you’ll be capable of:

  • No large capital expenditures and a reduced impact on IT
  • Modernizing your business processes
  • Developing more innovative products

To learn more about the transformation taking place as we move to a world of connected cloud ecosystems and how this evolution should change your thinking about cloud, download Forrester’s report now.

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